The Democrats are the Party of Outrage…and very little else.


As I listen and read about the build-up to this week’s DNC chair election, and the predictably hysterical inanity accompanying said “campaigns,” I’m struck by the utter flailing ineptitude of the Democratic Party.




Keith Ellison





Tom Perez



The Democrats’ transformation, accelerated by Trump’s victory, has proven to be a sordid procession.


Marred by victimization, anger, bitterness, desperation and cognitive disarray, the party devotes most of its time to demonizing Donald Trump at the expense of presenting any pertinent or bold Democratic agenda to the public. The Liberal establishment news media is responsible, in part, for they adore the dejected post-Trump left-wing soundbites so much that the drier (and decidedly boring) Democratic platform constructed of tireless liberal tropes and fixations take a back seat to the liberal histrionics of outrage.  It’s ironic – the biggest enablers of liberal whitewashing (MSM) also have concerted motivations to perpetuate the autistic Democratic fixation with the political carnage of 2016.  And the Dems continue to bite for they are resistant to letting go of their hideous anti-Trump emotionality.


Ultimately, the basis of all Democratic offerings and dialogue in today’s discourse is outrage.


Nothing more, nothing less. Outrage powers everything the Democrats do and think. The election was was almost 4 months ago…I would have hoped the grief phase of their tumble from power would have moved along a bit faster. Outrage is a powerful aphrodisiac of stupidity, and the Democrats are beginning to harm their own party by not relinquishing the anger to a sense of control and autonomy and their fellow-travelers in the press are not about to dispel the DNC’s obsessive anti-Trump dialogue because it sells, train-wreck and all.


The Democrats are the party of Outrage, but not much else.


This is a one-trick ass.






One-trick ass