The suspect is rolling away, I’m in pursuit!


Amazing, this thing called life, “existence.”


So easily it’s taken from us, so impersonally are the jaws of fate which don’t heed your call to survive. Your body seeks breath, but rubber seeks to extinguish it. And guess which wins?


Take this fellow, strolling along the road in Brazil, nothing remarkable about this mundane existence, but unbeknownst to him, death was unfurling its tenacious claws behind him.




(Courtesy Viral Hog)



Most poignant, and entirely ludicrous, is how the other man chased the tire down in the roadway after the incident and escorted it back to the crime scene.


“Suspect is being detained! He is black, round and slightly deflated!”


Of course my assumption is that the guy died.


Some of the wishful comments say he lived (albeit in a lightly battered state). ┬áPersonally, I can’t see how anyone could survive being struck in the back of the head by a tire hurtling along at highway speeds. And that landing after he was hit: bam, flat on his face like a rag doll.