America’s myopic bubble of the privileged.


Submitted for your enjoyment: an encyclopedic tome of sobering doom from Commentary Magazine.





The article begins and ends by noting the shocking, unbelievable disparity between the perceptions of those living on “blue” coasts (aka, “bicoastal bastions”) and those living in the red, “real America,” as harbingers of the new Trump revolution which the mainstream news absolutely fails to comprehend.


And the mainstream news, by extension, the mouthpiece of elitist blue America, fails to to recognize the explosive bubble right before its eyes.


The myopic bubble of the privileged.


It’s not Donald Trump, per se; Donald Trump recognizes the bubble, and recognition is the first step in shedding the self-focused ignorance that separates the elites from those who aren’t complacently enamored of their own private slice of prosperity that owes no allegiance to our suffering American landscape.



On the morning of November 9, 2016, America’s elite—its talking and deciding classes—woke up to a country they did not know. To most privileged and well-educated Americans, especially those living in its bicoastal bastions, the election of Donald Trump had been a thing almost impossible even to imagine. What sort of country would go and elect someone like Trump as president? Certainly not one they were familiar with, or understood anything about.


Whatever else it may or may not have accomplished, the 2016 election was a sort of shock therapy for Americans living within what Charles Murray famously termed “the bubble” (the protective barrier of prosperity and self-selected associations that increasingly shield our best and brightest from contact with the rest of their society). The very fact of Trump’s election served as a truth broadcast about a reality that could no longer be denied: Things out there in America are a whole lot different from what you thought.


Yes, things are very different indeed these days in the “real America” outside the bubble. In fact, things have been going badly wrong in America since the beginning of the 21st century.