The accidental presidency and its pristine civil war.





I read this dire, thought-provoking piece over at ZeroHedge.


While subject to lazy dismissal by those who relegate all propositions that don’t conform to the mainstream narrative to the hidden shadows of unread and unexamined miscellany (the same folks who will discount such as conspiracy), the article, “A Civil War For Control Of The US Government Has Erupted Between ‘The Deep State’ And Donald Trump” is hardly so outlandish or unprecedented as to warrant automatic disregard.


I will not quote passages from this article; read it at the source.  It is a spectacular encapsulation of the chaos that permeates America’s (and the globe’s) political climate.


The “deep state” that has burrowed deeply into the mechanics of America’s political system is real and frightfully mundane. It is self-protective and fueled by incontrovertible agendas, many which are in direct conflict with the vision of America that President Trump has brought with him to the Oval Office and which have delighted millions of Americans who support him. Essentially, deep state is at war with the wishes and desires with the people who voted Donald Trump into office. Deep state is the collective establishment legacy which threads nefariously through successive generations of American political life and which owes no allegiance to any presidential administration as much as it does to an oblique philosophy of American obsequiousness to globalist interests.


Until Donald.


Perhaps there will be the day when Donald Trump’s reign will be known as the “accidental Presidency” since it appears likely he was not supposed to win in November. Hillary’s failsafe electoral theft collapsed (a subject for an entirely different chain of conjecture); Donald Trump and his renegade troops marched into the national Capitol and the institutional deep state was jarred from its foundational complacency. The President was not an establishment figurehead and the evolutionary “survival of the fittest” tenets of Trump’s business philosophy which he brought to the White House threatened the existence of the deep state.


The deep state thrives on ignorance and consumerism and the perpetuation of  American moral and intellectual sluggishness. America thrives on subsuming fear and worry to consumerism and vapid distraction. Very little analytical thought goes on here.  Three-hundred and twenty million zombies are triggered daily by advertising and Facebook and the NFL and they do not question anything. This is the ignorant fuel which sustains deep state’s embers.


A culture of platitudes gathers and numbly recites chants like “with her” and gleefully elects cynical self-interested “representatives” who proliferate the motivations of deep state and indulge in glorified tidbits of numbing antics designed to bring the American sheep into the fold where the illusion of action and public service disguises the vile, elitist agenda that is designed to rape the self-respect of an unsuspecting American public.


As long as establishment presidents are occupying the White House, the illusion of American institutional stability is enabled and the curtain is drawn to hide the truth from all except those who are bold enough to peer for a clearer look.


America is a tenuous house of cards whose survival depends on this very illusion being allowed to continue and fester. Donald Trump’s accidental Presidency has illuminated and exposed the illusion, and the ensuing exposure threatens to raze the facade. Deep state, fearing for its future, has shifted into an unfamiliar battle – sparring with a domestic leadership elected by the people. Deep state is desperate and this is evidenced by the repeated attacks and subversions levied against President Trump; a ceaseless parade of character assaults on him, his family and members of his administration. The shameless procession reeks of Third World gimmickry we have condescendingly witnessed around the world for decades, but never here;  a certain sense of incompletion and rot which have always seemed foreign and laughable to us in our “civilized” space.


But we are now the third world. Ex-leaders, careerist political fixtures, are now superseding the will of the citizens in order to selfishly cling to their corrupted power. The will of the free citizens is in danger of open subversion.


The elites find themselves unable to disguise their nefarious motivations with Trump at the helm, and the result is structural and societal decay unleashed by the gates of repression being flung open at last.


Who’d have thought civil war would be so pristine?