Russia and Donald Trump have one thing in common: they reject the West’s feminine-liberal complex.

I troll and trigger on my personal Facebook wall. Fond of!


I don’t have many friends but among those I do have, there are a few lefty SJW types who, I’ve noticed, post their anti-Trump cacophony in direct proportion to my pro-Trump cacophony. We never argue directly with each other, but the displaced, indirect “confrontation” is quite apparent. When I go latent, they do too. When I post rah-rah Trump, there they go with their Russia and impeachment and Ivanka stupidity in response.


It’s become sport, in a way;  I merrily post overreaching pro-Trump messages many times in hopes of eliciting this crowd, also known as trolling, triggering…being an asshole.   I’ve only been defriended by 2 people; I wonder if I can grow that naysayer count. It depends on me.  Can I pick up the pace, can I extract maximum frustration, hate and anger from the lefties (and that demographic is very emotive and easily provoked) that will lead to further “defriendment?”

I try. Donald Trump definitely tries, without shame. He is a cowboy.


He is a Russian cowboy.


Unable to resist, I thought I would participate in a little goading of the SJW’s unfortunate enough to call themselves my “friends” on Facebook.







This is a trollworthy quip in that it is both dubious and exaggerated while still splattered intermittently with slivers of truths.


Politics in the past 30 or 40 years has become sickeningly ritualized and compartmentalized into committee-endorsed meandering steps of plodding “progress” and policy.   As the civilized West’s collective mores echo that of the female, gut instinct and utilitarianism have taken a backseat to institutionalized hypocrisy and abject predictability.


Donald Trump’s method is a masculine method, an unfamiliarity in today’s world.


Namely, reaching point B, being the goal and task at hand, implies that the masculine leader must deal smartly and aggressively with all intermediate obstacles that stand in the way of goal B.  The masculine leader approaches his “mission” by circumventing that tiresome deterrence inserted by the meddlesome castigations of an overly watchful and concerned set of overseeing eyes. The entire Russia episode is fraught with barbs of putative misbehavior and the feminine-liberal narrative spins wildly out of control with circular accusations that place Trump and his team in an ultra defensive posture thus engorging the perception of guilt and wrongdoing even further.  The narrative is familiarly recursive and circular;  damned if you do…


Team Trump needs to take the aggressive, fuck-you pose and shamelessly boast that they are taking care of business. End of story. No meetings, no consultations; all that is a bitch’s waste of time.  Leave that to corporate HR departments. Trump is doing what a man does: namely, a man handles shit by submitting to his carnal intelligence.  This guides his inner warrior. He is confident in his course and he doesn’t need an auditorium-sized group of people vetting his every decision.  That is woman’s play, it is Washington D.C.


A man’s in charge now.


And in the modern psychosexual arena of international politics, circa 2017, it seems fair to assert that Russia = the masculine, America/the West = the feminine.


America is layered and governed by feminine sensibilities.


Sensitive to affront, meticulously suffocated with regulation and ceremonial stagnation, the American political dog and pony show is slow and burdensome. Russia is not an enemy of America as much as it is an enemy of the feminine-liberal complex that is in place here. Russia has come to represent macho posturing and governance and the eschewing of indecision and disregard of capricious female mores. Hence, Russia has been elevated to enemy of the state status by the left and its mouthpiece, the media.  They accuse Donald Trump of being its American “puppet.”  Sure, insofar as Trump represents the masculine governance that Russia is subconsciously damned for in the United State Left culture.


Trump is playing according to his business rules, namely, a thorough rejection of counterproductive repression that lays out on the collective political landscape here in the feminine-liberal West.