Add this to the amusing downslide of the modern male

I have a few stringent  strict rules in life I loosely abide by.

One is that I don’t post more than once a day on this blog. But rules are made to be broken, aren’t they?

Well, in this case the rule begged to be broken.

During the process of preparing to post my Makeover video, I glanced at the news items on MSN and this link in the Lifestyle section caught my eye: Man Corsets.

How could I not look? You tell me that.

They spoke to a woman from an online retailer that is pushing a new men’s “shapewear” garment. The man can slide the sheer and feminine “He Corset” over his flabby paunch and instantly be transformed into a muscular and lean hunk of meat. It reminds me of the infamous “Bro” (a male bra for manboobs) from Seinfeld.

(I must have trampled on some copyrights, the video was removed from Youtube. Follow the link if you’d like to witness the trainwreck. Here is a screenshot.)

This strikes me as incredibly anti-masculine on a deeply instinctual level. I realize that men have every right to use any means available to make themselves look better but I don’t have much tolerance for lazy and cosmetic falsity for appearance’s sake.

That is a woman’s game…if you’re an able-bodied man, you are genetically required to earn your physique and your toughness. You can’t don silly masks in order to fool others. Life is not Halloween.

Rant off

Obviously, a bit of self-examination clearly tells me why I find things like this annoying…