California Governor Brown’s shameless irony…or is it an ulterior political strategy?


California Governor Jerry Brown, a relentless and nefarious Lefty critic of President Trump, displayed a flabbergasting show of shameless irony yesterday when he paved the way to seeking Federal aid for damage wrought by heavy rains the Golden State has experienced recently.


Step one: convince President Trump to declare a federal emergency in the first place. This will be an interesting collision of antithetical motivations.  Take notes, children.



Gov. Jerry Brown has asked President Donald Trump to declare a major disaster for the state because of damage caused by powerful storms last month, with Friday’s request an initial step in seeking federal aid.



So Brown must convince the Feds that California has sustained damage due to the rains of such intensity that it needs a charitable cash infusion. Kind of ballsy considering the state’s purveyance of its self-sufficient “nation-like” status after the Trump victory and its constant assertion of cultural and economic hegemony while simultaneously belittling the new administration.







Brown’s letter to Trump cites an “atmospheric river storm system” that unleashed days of “relentless heavy precipitation” and high winds beginning Jan. 3, causing flash floods, power outages and damage to public works.


“The impacts associated with this series of storms were substantial and widespread, devastating much of California,” the letter reads. The storms, it said, contributed to eight deaths in seven counties.


The storms prompted Brown to declare a state of emergency in 49 counties Jan. 23. Friday, the governor added three counties to last month’s declaration: Amador, Mono and Riverside.


In Friday’s letter, Brown said years of years of drought had left the ground unable to absorb “massive amounts of rainfall in such a short period of time.” The letter estimates that public assistance expenditures will exceed $162.3 million.




So the state that would be a country and which has fueled the narrative that it contributes more than it takes on the Federal scale now seeks a paltry $160 million in welfare subsidies for a storm that was marginally destructive?


It’s obviously a ploy by Brown to put Trump on the spot.


For a minor gamble (sorry, it’s not a lot of money) he can finagle Trump’s decision, regardless of what it is, into a victory, either a moral or pragmatic one, depending on Trump’s actions.


If Trump declines, hold on to your liberal girdles, California’s uproar will be shrill and stupendous.
If Trump acquiesces, score one for Governor Moonbeam.  Californians will gloat.


Either way, Calexit is emboldened.


Win, win, rain, rain.