It’s time to begin holding the Libs accountable for all their butthurt promises…


The latest in a long series of bizarro wig-outs from the Unhinged Left (UL, or “Ulies”) was precipitated by Betsy DeVos’ confirmation as the Trump administration’s new Education Secretary yesterday.


Just when it seemed the Ulies couldn’t outdo their own ludicrousness in an unending parade of inanity, turns out…they have. Because of DeVos’ embattled new role in Education, they are “threatening” to forego breeding.





In addition to the Ulies’ promise not to procreate their ‘tarded genes, they have also littered the landscape with a few other soon-to-be hollow promises, such as the Hollywood Ulies promising to withhold production of that spellbinding and egomaniacal Academy Awards spectacle, and assorted other Ulies promises to leave the United States.


Promises, promises. When has the Left ever kept one of those? If Ulies kept just a fraction of them, our country would be vastly improved.


Alas, I’m not holding my breath. Ulies are notoriously full of shit and prone to hysterics and hollow threats. They don’t think, they emote. Perhaps it’s time to give them no choice but to uphold their end of the bargain.


Step one, the DeVos threat:


<snip snip>