IMDB announces it can no longer be a purveyor of Hollywood’s pretty lies.


Apparently, popular internet movie database resource, IMDB, can longer take the heat, and has announced that beginning February 20, all its message boards will be disabled with the ostensible  cop-out that, after “reviewing data and traffic,” they have determined the boards are no longer positive or informative.  In other words, due to free flow of detracting opinion, they are no longer safe places for the delicate Hollywood snowflakes.  Rather, IMDB outlines manners whereby community members can continue communicating on other platforms and sites.  After all, there should be a place where entertainment types can congregate and rattle off incessantly in their echo chambers about what a wonderful world is ensconced in the their pablum without the rude opinions of cultural outsiders who see their PC garbage for what it is.





In other words, the IMDB message boards and their presumed role as purveyors of the pretty Hollywood narrative, took a detour as soon as enough people began questioning the Industry’s mindless socially acceptable drivel.