A symbolic update for East L.A. Makeover’s stage 3 and 4

Yeah, yeah, before you start nagging at me, let me just say it’s been a very busy month.

Between the holidays and some serious busy-ness at work, I haven’t had much time or motivation to take on any major housecleaning since November. Now that it’s a new year and things are simmering down, I can’t hide my laziness and procrastination behind convenient excuses any longer.

This video, while not much of an update in the truest sense, is merely a reminder, a wake-up call, for me to get my butt moving.

The kitchen (stage 3) and the dining room (stage 4) are nearly complete. The major remaining obstacles for the completion of both is a little shopping. I had my fill of department stores and malls last month…I was not about to shop for any damn household furniture until after the New Years anyway.