The wonderful, exciting bleakness of media art portraying Trump’s inner circle.


Much unfavorable static is being made of a couple of media portrayals of the Trumpian inner circle.


Photos and drawings which display Donald Trump and Steve Bannon in less than glittery, PR light.


I like them myself. Indeed, Trump’s administration is slightly “dark” and dystopian in vision. This is why supporters…support this Presidency. There is none of the cosmetic BS flowery overkill (the kind that made Hillary Clinton somewhat presentable) to be encountered, and in fact, these graphic representations truly convey a sense of gravity and fatalism which those of us who are not averse to watching the world burn “adore.”


First, there is Germany’s Der Spiegel magazine cover.  It gives us a glimpse of a faceless Trump holding the Statue of Liberty’s beheaded skull in his right hand while his other hand clutches a bloody knife. A nice tie-in to the Muslim beheading motif as a symbolic representation of invasion by the brutal invaders.  Some call it controversial; I call it intriguing and frank.





Trump’s agenda is not pretty or popular one and it involves harsh actions that the impressionable and weak Americans of a Democratic nature cannot fathom without some degree of horror.  The path is not ginger and spice.  Leadership by institution of utilitarian genesis. The only way to get anything done in present society requires a certain “beheading” of falsities that brought us to this point in the first place.


And the other is Time Magazine’s Steve Bannon cover.


While not as controversial, it still illustrates Bannon as a dark, evil-minded, brooding character whose motivations can only be guessed.





Once again, this photograph truly captures the enigmatic character embedded in Trump’s inner circle. He triggers the left with with his shadowy history and allegations of watch-the-world-burn agenda.  It scares the hell out of the Left. A brilliant man who is not in this gig for a springtime horse ride through the park. He is here to savage and salvage the landscape and welcomes the inevitability of dire social evolution which transcends our niceties and pat hedonistic Western expectations.


The new way is not the pretty way but it must be.