A Rainbow Coalition For The Alt-Right: it’s not about colors.


There is a very exhaustive article which examines the current state and evolution of the “alt-right” (yes, another) over at Skeptic.


The author, George Michael, a public policy academic, writes a relatively neutral piece about the alt-right and frankly, anything that issues from leftist academia with the ostensible aim of “explaining” the alt-right to the political layman tends to lack even the weakest gesture of objectivity, but this article, due to its general neutrality and clinical dissection, is quite noteworthy as far as alt-right exposés are concerned.


One of the early paragraphs touches upon a very important point in regard to the alt-right that I haven’t heard much in the prolific coverage of the political movement that has spawned in the aftermath of Donald Trump’s election.


To its critics, the alt-right is just a code term for white nationalism, a much-maligned movement associated with neo-Nazis and Klansmen. The movement, however, is more nuanced, as it encompasses a much broader spectrum of rightist activists and intellectuals besides white nationalists including those who believe in libertarianism, men’s rights, cultural conservatism, isolationism, and populism. Nonetheless, its origins can be traced to various American white nationalist movements that have endured for decades.


This addresses one of my hesitations in identifying with the alt-right since last year. As an American of Mexican ancestry, I hardly think of myself as “White,” yet many of the people steeped in the alt-right narrative tend to be, and proudly so. How to savor many of the tenets of the movement while being cognizant of the fact that in many ways, I am perhaps a bit at odds with many members simply by virtue of my ethnic background?


What am I doing here in my proselytizing about the alt-right when I should be out marching in the streets of Los Angeles with my ethnic cohorts while I piss and moan about the “rights” of illegal aliens and dream about the reconquista of California by the Bronze race, a Mexican flag draped across my back? Don’t I have more predictable ethnic behavior to attend to?


Nope, that’s not me.


While White Nationalism does not figure predominantly on my political motivation scale, I nevertheless commisserate and sympathize with many of their beliefs and motivations. My personal stake in the alt-right are the other elements of this political niche which the article touched upon: libertarianism, men’s rights, cultural conservatism, isolationism and populism. I’d also like to throw in that unabashed , bold rejection of the pall of political correctness and propriety that has befallen Western culture for at least 30 or 40 years and has neutered the political vibrancy of our citizens leaving them apathetically exposed to the politics of mediocrity and insignificance, and in turn, left them to be the brunt of opportunistic manipulation at the hands of the Elistist Class.


A populace strangled by weakness and laziness finds solace in conformity and institutionalized displays of platitudes as signifiers of political expression.


We are dead on on the inside and only by eschewing the delicate assumptions of PC culture can we break free of its shackles and assert dominance over our destiny. It’s more than simply being “anti-PC.” It’s a new way of thinking, a bold way. This is what the alt-right represents.


As a Mexican-American participant in the alt-right movement, I have discovered that it is composed of a “rainbow” coalition of causes and values, not identities, and the ability of the alt-right to prosper will depend on the will of its followers to exert enough flexibility to co-exist with other like-minded devotees who might be motivated by a different toolset of agendas; but ultimately, we realize the end product of our commitment is a healthy and strong American society that has risen against the tyranny of spineless internationalist sell-outs of the American dream.


First and foremost, Americans must be concerned about America as a priority above all other nations and global cultures; not as disparagement, but as a sense of healthy collective self-esteem and dignity.


Even in the coastal zones. This is where the alt-right must be prepared to take the “war.” Because it is war. The Second Civil War is being fought online and the real life battlefieds have spilled into the streets of the West and East coasts.


March forth, soldiers.