Mexico, and all less developed countries, are taking advantage; the quasi-socialist globalism model.


My office mate is the archetypal West Coast, Hollywood, obese, left-wing, SJW crusader without a cause.


Perhaps it is the greatest irony ever that we are forced to share an office; could 2 more unlikely people have been conjoined into a small office, ever?


To our “credit,” we completely avoid political talk and keep it neutral and meaningless. I’m fine with this. Despite the fact I might seem a crazed ideologue on this blog (or perhaps because of it), I’m rather non-confrontational in real life regarding my political views and I’m content to leave opinions at home. Any mature, sane individual realizes that nothing good can come of raising an opinionated stink during work hours. Some shit is best left unsaid.


But last week’s inauguration, despite the fact it was entirely foreseen, and hardly a surprise development, appears to have jolted the anti-Trump Left forces into a new round of bitter self-awareness.  The vitriol and venom that I’ve witnessed since January 20 rivals, even surpasses, that which I witnessed the week of November 8 last year. The inaugural reactions have been vicious, histrionic, overstated. Never have I felt so outnumbered and overwhelmed by the West Coast liberal undertow as I have this week. Even my office mate, who previously resisted commenting on the political affairs at hand, has dared to make a few quips which I’ve ignored.


Until yesterday. She broke into a caustic laughter and mocked an online news story she read in which President Trump was quoted:





She is Mexican-American and lives the agenda. I’m Mexican-American but I buck the trend.


Her condescending mockery and acidic tone made it clear she viewed this Trump’s assertion as absurd beyond belief. Typical of her type, she did not even think to objectively examine and interpret what he Tweeted.


Of course Mexico has taken advantage of the U.S.



All poor countries blessed enough to become intertwined in trade pacts with the United States always come out ahead.


I could no longer resist.  While refraining from yelling or sounding the least bit angry, I told my office mate, “Oh they [Mexico] do. NAFTA rewards them and the U.S. gets hurt, every time.” Simple. Realizing we might lapse into a very intolerable sort of workplace political “discussion,” she changed the subject quickly.


It doesn’t preclude the fact that Donald Trump’s ungraceful musings on Twitter must be examined subjectively and not reacted to blindly as the left is wont to do.


I’ve often equated international trade deals to an international form of welfare.

The prosperous countries are sucked into pacts in which their affluence and responsible sense of self-governance is artificially dispersed, bled, in order to reward the lesser countries that have inefficient governments and economies. Prosperous countries do this willingly since it’s the elite business leaders who reap the direct reward  by whoring out the bottom line to foreign nations while utterly screwing America’s working class.  International trade pacts are quasi-socialist schemes that steal from the rich nations that have their shit together, while allocating earned wealth and resources to nations that are collective messes and which assuredly do not have their shit together.


All “lesser” countries attached to international trade deals with prosperous nations are in fact “taking advantage.”  Donald Trump is right and he stated a neutral observation that the Left twisted and integrated as a personal affront to its liberal sensibilities.  Trump has perfected this dynamic.  He time releases a kernel of generalized fact with just the right measure of oblique inarticulate elements  to rouse ignorant liberals.  He triggers.  (Remember “they send us their rapists?”)


President Trump is merely questioning the existing implementation of international trade deals.  He suggests we take pause before blindly jumping into any future pacts while we reexamine current ones to ensure the United States no longer plays the part of looted, rich sap, gleefully writing blank checks to the leeches of the international community.