The “cotton candy hyperbole” that continues to spew from the MSM.


I began reading this NYT editorial with the intention of hearing some “nitty-gritty” concerning why;  perhaps a road map detailing the foundation or basis for why it would deem President Trump a “liar.”


Instead, all I got was a long essay suffused with cotton candy hyperbole that sets up its own narrative and conflict; a self-encased case study that never dares to present the neutral measures of independent events which might corroborate the opinions of Charles M. Blow, the author. As with most anti-Trump spiels, there is much implied in broad brush-stroked opinions but never the recognition that the generalizations in question are simply not “lies” in the truest sense of the word. Based on this criteria, the NYT and other horns of the “reputable” MSM, are simply liars themselves, for they too present baseless conjecture disguised as reality.  This is their modus operandi.


Charles M. Blow states,


And now that he has been elected, Trump wants absolute control over the flow of information, to dictate his own version of facts rather than live with the reality of accepted facts. Trump is in a battle to bend the truth to his benefit.


He hates members of the press because, when properly performing, they are truth seekers rather than ego-strokers. The press may sometimes get things wrong, but it most often gets them right. A truly independent press is not stocked with political acolytes but political adversaries.


A “truly independent press” is nowhere to be seen.


All one has to do is look at the scourge of daily headlines regarding Donald Trump and the mass injection of opinion  that laces its alleged reporting to make one note that the press has lost reputability and independence and is largely a shill of the anti-Trump mentality that runs through this country. The media practices nothing but cotton candy hyperbole, teasing out suppositions with enough verbal adornment and repetition to make its “common sense” castigations appear to possess an ounce of gravity, but the reality is, the media’s collective spew, if stripped of caustic and whiny flatulence, is reduced to a withered skeleton of reality.


Blow continues,


After Trump and his press secretary, Sean Spicer, got called out by the press for lying about Trump’s inauguration crowd size and viewership, Spicer limped back to the mic and whined of Trump’s press coverage: “The default narrative is always negative, and it’s demoralizing.”


No, sir, the default is to call a lie a lie; lies are negative because they are the opposite of the truth; and Trump continuously lies.



And Trump for his part continues to rage about three to five million illegal votes causing him to lose the popular vote in November. This, too, is a lie. A lie. Not the euphemisms you hear on television, like “unsubstantiated,” or “unproven,” or “baseless.” It is a lie, pure and simple.


But Trump won’t let it go. His pride is hurt, his vanity tarnished. The man who prides himself on winning lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton by nearly three million votes, the biggest popular vote loss by a winning candidate in American history. That stings.



Once again, the cotton candy hyperbole machine spins away, spinning layers and layers of dispute but never telling us why the purported lie is a lie. Blow’s stance on truth is that he and the rest of the MSM are the sole designators of objective reality. The size of the crowds at the 2017 inauguration and influence of illegal voters in American are not solidly determined and to call them into question is, as Trump does best, and why he has triggered the left, to doubt the sacred cows of the West’s liberal agenda and subsequent smug assumption to the Throne of Truth.


The MSM has become a tribe of bitches, verbally lashing out piecemeal narratives designed to reduce validity of those it disagrees with, while lacking all subjective validity themselves. The media buys into politically-tainted narratives, perpetuates them, hoists them as truth, and having set up the false sounding board, commences to sound off.