Women’s march was a bunch of social rejects.


A Tweet from David Kirkland.


You’ve come a long way, sloppy baby



Anti-Trumpers, despite desperate efforts to disguise their rampant and blind hatred of our President behind the illusion of “[fill in the blank] rights,” blahblah, still betray their immaturity and lack of dignity by the manner in which they choose to appear in public.


This is ridiculous.


What statement are these “women” making anyhow? That they have “balls” because they are willing to go out in public looking like branded social rejects, and in the process, destroy any legitimacy they might have had?


Wow, you really showed us. Sure, I’ll “listen” to you now…


At least Chelsea Handler (along with fellow pussy, Mary McCormack), tried feebly to meander her way through a logic routine in trying to justify the hysterical and unfocused ranting yesterday.  We’ll take what we can.