A special warning to anti-Trump lefties who are getting “big” ideas…


You people are fond of, and you delight in, calling Donald Trump and his followers “Nazis” and you automatically lavish the “fascist” label on anyone who supports Donald Trump’s upcoming administration.


You’ve engaged this franchise of insult and condescension when you look down your beaks at us on the “alt-right” or whatever the semantic flavor of the day is for people who applaud the new brand of Trumpian nationalism. I suspect many of you throw this term around a bit too boldly and flippantly and that you truly do not integrate the horrible implications of such totalitarian dictatorship into your personal dashboards of possible American outcomes.


You are too busy throwing facile accusations around but they mean nothing because you are insincere.


Donald Trump is no Nazi; his administration are not Nazis.


But you know what?  Through your actions and gimmicks and inflammatory antics, you are setting the stage for a Happening.



Luke Kuhn & Colin Dunn


You are tempting the beast. Your juvenile bullshit will indeed set the stage for the Nazi era you are so fond of warning about.


Keep circling the hellhole of uncivil discourse and deeds and you may very well discover that you are playing into the hands of insidious forces who would actually welcome your agenda coming to violent fruition. You may discover that your toy revolution is hastened along by those who would welcome an anti-Trump gesture of such violence and nefariousness that indeed, the only option available will be Nazi tactics.




And when we take an inventory one day of our culture’s dissembled era, we’ll see it was all the fault of the lefty’s who played the willing lap dog catalysts to societal upheaval while allowing other parties to launch such revolution anonymously.


Get it?