Gateway Pundit and Free Republic catch the WaPo in a wily anti-Trump act; it’s going to be a tough 8 years for The Donald.


This is egregious.


Donald Trump, his administration and team, cannot do this alone. The pernicious leftist, toxic tide that seeks to usurp and dilute his Presidency is much too vast and innate to the America’s cultural structure for Trump to overcome single-handedly.


A “citizen’s army” will need to remain vigilant and keenly skeptical for the next 8 years.


Thanks to this very vigilance, The Washington Post did not get away with their lefty-journalistic sleight of hand in “reporting” Maj. General Errol Schwartz’s alleged forced removal from his National Guard post just a minute into Donald Trump’s official inauguration at 12:01 pm next Thursday.



On Friday the Washington Post reported that Maj, Gen. Errol Schwartz will be removed from his post as head of the DC National Guard DURING the Trump Inauguration.


Schwartz told the Post he would “never plan to leave a mission in the middle of a battle.”

The WaPo ate it up.

Now This…


The Trump administration told FOX News of Friday the story is a crock.


Schwartz was offered to stay on his post until after the Inauguration but decided to quit during the ceremony and then he ran to the press to complain.

According to FOX News,


“The Trump Transition team reportedly offered to let him keep his job until the ceremonies were over. Maj. Gen Schwartz refused. It appears he would rather argue his would rather argue his case though in the press.”

The Washington Post completely rewrote their story since it was originally posted without any mention of an update.

Commanding general of D.C. National Guard to be removed from post [Secretly Rewritten!!!]


****** FREEPER SCOOP ******


WaPO Rewrites General Fired at Midnight Story Without Acknowledgement!


This WaPo story ( ) has been completely rewritten since it was originally posted this morning, with no notice of the rewrite!


The original FR post uses the WaybackMachine link from 1:55pm and the above is the link for the current 5:23pm version, which CURRENTLY does not acknowledge the rewrite.


(Unfortunately, the WaybackMachine has not captured anything after 1:55pm, so WaPo could subsequently add a rewrite disclaimer. However, I captured the 5:23pm version and put it in a .mht file which can be downloaded at:


The original story mentioned ONLY the memo it supposedly “obtained” and said NOTHING at all about standard letters of resignation, nor did it quote anonymous “military” officials, AND it said it had received no comment at all from the Trump people (or the military for that matter). The original article implied there may be some kind of craziness behind the change based solely on this secret memo they had, strongly making people think that Trump fired this guy in midstream.


Hundreds, perhaps thousands of other outlets then wrote articles based on the original version of the WaPo article, some even headlining “Trump fires general in midstream”. None of these hastily written derivative articles have noted the secret WaPo retractions.


However, within hours of the original article, WaPo completely rewrote the article and completely reoriented the focus and meaning of the article but did NOT acknowledge the rewrite!


This is what WaPo did with their original “Russians hacked the power grid” article: rushing out sensational BS garbage without doing any confirmation research, getting caught, and then having to make a “note”, but the damage was already done because thousands of other media outlets replicated the original story.