Making the most of Wendy’s Pepe snafu…


It’s an absolute testament to the absurdity of today’s American political scene that a fast-food restaurant finds itself in PR hot water for Tweeting this image on its corporate account.




Of course, as we “all” know, this is merely a likeness of the Wendy’s “Wendy” logo templated over the indomitable Pepe the Frog meme which has become the scourge of the Left and the barely suppressed snicker icon for the Alt Right.



And how did Wendy’s stumble upon this amusing rendition?  Why a Tweeted dare, of course.


Behold: The rise and fall of Wendy’s hip Twitter account.


The fast food chain’s Twitter — which decided to suddenly get cool last week with some snarky tweets — finally blew it Wednesday by tweeting a version of the Pepe the Frog meme, which has been officially designated as a hate symbol.


It all began innocently enough with a Twitter user — apparently amused by the Wendy’s recent tweet hot streak — tweeted to ask, “got any memes?”


The Wendy’s account, which has more than one million followers, replied with a Pepe the Frog cartoon — styled with red hair, to match the company’s famous logo.



Wendy’s seemingly didn’t get the memo, and deleted the tweet within minutes.


“Our community manager was unaware of the recent evolution of the Pepe meme’s meaning and this tweet was promptly deleted,” the account wrote in a tweet.


The Pepe predicament put a bump in Wendy’s sudden quest for viral fame. After running a fairly standard corporate account, Wendy’s went haywire Dec. 30 when it got into a flamewar with a Twitter user who accused the chain of freezing its beef.



All Wendy’s has to show for its ingenious outburst of creativity is the sad realization that the sum of this equation is equal to a phrase inevitably well-known to many businesses:  Damage Control.





Naturally, for it would be astounding if this corporate faux pas was simply ignored, forgotten and discarded to the waste heap of other infamous corporate PR failures, there is a movement afoot to procure the now discontinued Pepe the Wendy graphic as a White Nationalist symbol and the defiant, mocking tone leads me to believe this will eventually be a thing.


I think the WN’s should at least take the high, “aesthetic” road and leave the primeval frog out of this, opting for a more visually pleasing memetic icon who embodies traits that would please almost any White Nationalist.  Of course I’m speaking of Ellie Kemper (aka, Kimmy Schmidt), the red-headed personification of adorable who dressed as the Wendy’s logo in the “Spooked” episode 5 in the 8th season of The Office.



Nothing screams White Power like a square patty.