The boy who cried Trump: a special warning to you.


OK, this thing about that Chicago torture video where the Black kids made the supposed Trump supporter drink toilet water?





I don’t know what to think and I don’t know how accurate, or timely, this footage is.


Let’s assume it’s real.


Whatever. Typical inner city bullying/roughhousing.  Shit goes on all the time but under different guises, motives, causes.


Ghetto life is rough and brutal. I don’t give a crap about that part of it.


What concerns me is the default trope here that I see repeating itself way too much on the part of “disenfranchised” minorities of the sort who don’t know the difference between the Oval Office and Foggy Bottom. In other words, the ignorentsia who have dominated post-Trump media with their blind stupidity and reaction. Everything they do, all the evil and malice they enact, all the unhappiness and frustration, regardless of how misplaced, is roundly exacerbated in a cathartic “Trump” wail.


Trump made me do it!


Thing is, Trump is not the cause of any of it, but in their little, pea-sized brains, yelling “Trump” at every puny psychopathic act thus makes Donald Trump an accessory. That is how these little thug fucktards think.


Look for this behavior to accelerate. Every small act of vandalism and brutality will now have a label: Trump!


They will yell Trump at every occasion for every act of mayhem.



I can see it already.  The MSM, every left-wing tool, will push this narrative and enable it in the public mind (not much to speak of there), that Donald Trump is the cause behind society’s meltdown, when in fact, it’s merely the act of a sick, Obama-legacy (ahm, 700 murders, anybody?) manifesting itself a few years late and usurping the Trump brand, and the media and Femocrats will eat this up and spit it out, hundred-fold.


You know what happens when you blame someone repeatedly for something they did not do? You blame them and blame them for the same thing they are innocent of time and again?


Why…one day they finally decide, you know what?


“I’ll fucking do it for real this time.”


And they live up to expectations since nothing is to be lost or gained in this loser’s battle.


And if you begin seeking criminal refuge while blaming all ills and discontent on Donald Trump, guess what?  We will see no point in playing nice and we will live up to your preconceived Trump notions at last, and it WILL NOT BE PRETTY.