“Breakfast of Losers” – Hillary is the gift that keeps on giving.


New semi-viral potential meme incoming!


This photo is slowly making the rounds and possibly widening its circle of hilarity.


It was snapped by photographer Mike Smith at Mohonk Mountain House, a resort catering to the 1%, about 75 miles north of NYC.


A fitting joint for Hillary, near-miss President of the People, to squander her dashed Oval Office aspirations forlornly while she maneuvers through her troublesome cell phone over a breakfast that likely costs what a blue collar worker from Kentucky makes in several hours of drudgery.







While amusing and somewhat “apocryphal,” the photo lacks the nuanced irony that the infamous “sad Joe Biden” photo supplies the typical online voyeur.







I suspect that the “Breakfast of Losers” Hillary photo is lacking only an artificially-sweetened spike, something I’m fond of injecting, courtesy of my horrid Photoshop abilities.


Something like this, perhaps.