Hollywood’s proud tradition of “negrofying” gorillas.


Universal Pictures released one of those talking-animal movies last week which we normally associate with Disney.


“Sing” is a computer-animated story about anthropomorphized gorillas who seem to share “traits and features” we associate with a certain group but which we never explicitly spell out, for to do so relegates you to racist in today’s touchy, sensitive racial climate.




John Coffey similarities are purely coincidental...
John Coffey similarities are purely coincidental…



In fact, Sing is experiencing some SJW push-back already.


Those protesting the implied racism of the movie are guilty of racism themselves for their blatant assumption that incarcerated gorillas with absent fathers is inherently racist, is it not? Even if they don’t openly say it…this is behavior we associate with Blacks.  But don’t say that because you are now a RACIST.


Sing, Universal Pictures’ 3D computer-animated music comedy film which was released in theaters last week, is being accused of perpetuating racial stereotypes because the film’s plot line includes gorillas who are sent to prison for criminal activity.



One of the protagonists, Johnny, is a gorilla who aspires to be a hip-hop singer but is burdened by his father, who at one point in the film is in prison for running a gang, according to Heatstreet.


Seeking to pursue his dream of making it as a musician, Johnny betrays his father by abandoning him during a robbery, leading to his dad’s incarceration.


Having gorillas engaged in criminal behavior and becoming hip hop singers crossed the line for some people, who accuse the film in trading in classic, racist tropes.


‘Sing looks like a cute movie but I can’t get past the fact that the gorillas are gang members in jail,’ one Twitter user wrote.



At what point do negative stereotypes become “racist?” Is truth not a defense? I certainly believe that if negative racial stereotypes are true (and usually they are), they should escape all condemnation and instead be used as a guide for the targeted group to clean up its act.


Universal Pictures are such big bad racists for using gorillas as ghetto thug proxies. But are they? They are merely feeding off an archetype that is unavoidably implanted in our collective experience for a reason.


Sigh. What happened to the good old days when psychopathic gorillas merely scaled skyscrapers in the pursuit of defacing fair White maidens?