President Barack Obama: Renter-In-Chief’s trail of destruction.


So now it seems President Barack Obama is letting all his trashiness hang out.


The fact he is demonstrating, shamelessly, that he is a spiteful little ghetto cretin as he prepares to leave the White House, is sadly less surprising than it should be for a POTUS.


As his days in the Oval Office dwindle to a forgettable historical American footnote, he is intent on laying waste to the Presidential carcass he will bequeath to Donald Trump. A trail of “fuck you” damage and destruction that will take Trump many months, if not Presidential years, to reverse legislate; Trump’s first term will be spent designing virtual deconstructions of the parting disaster Obama is wreaking as he hightails it out of Washington D.C. for Hawaii or Kalorama or the California desert (or all of the above) where he will flaunt his expensive uselessness even more so than he does now while he occupies the national capitol.







Obama is sparing no spiteful sabotage.



A flurry of big decisions out of the Obama administration just weeks before President-elect Donald Trump takes office has rekindled Republican concerns about President Obama’s plans for jamming through so-called “midnight regulations” and other leftover items from his wish-list on his way out the door.

In the last week alone, the Obama administration blocked future oil and gas leases in swaths of the Arctic and Atlantic oceans; granted a record number of pardons and commutations for a single day; and scrapped a dormant registry for male immigrants from a list of largely Muslim countries.

Defense officials told Fox News there is an effort underway to transfer up to 22 additional detainees out of Guantanamo Bay. And Obama’s ambassador to the United Nations stunned Israel on Friday by abstaining on a Security Council measure condemning settlement activity, allowing it to pass.

And Obama still has a month left in office. The most recent announcements were made while the first family was on vacation in Hawaii – leaving unclear what Obama has in store for when he gets back to Washington

While Obama weighs his last batch of policy decisions, many regulations already are coming through the pipeline. The final plans reportedly include as many as 98 regulations classified as “economically significant,” meaning each would cost the economy $100 million through compliance and consumer impact.

According to an analysis by the conservative American Action Forum, based on the Federal Register agenda, the administration is eyeing $44.1 billion in “midnight regulations” – or rules pushed in the final two months of an outgoing administration.

“This has been the most active December ever for regulations,” Sam Batkins, AAF’s director of regulatory affairs.



That’s an interesting term to describe Obama’s final vindictive actions designed to leave a sloppy mess in his wake for the next tenant: “midnight regulations.”


Midnight, as in when a lousy, sloppy and destructive tenant who’s been evicted, or in danger of being, hauls everything away from their home into the street under the darkness and silence of night.  When I lived in my last apartment, one of my neighbors was finally given no choice but to leave after months of loud parties and negligent dilapidation, and one night I heard something rolling in the street below about 11.  When I looked out the window, I was startled to see my neighbor, with some ghetto friends, carting a refrigerator down the street and out of sight.


This is how Barack Obama strikes me. A good-for-nothing, destructive tenant who has no concern for the state of existence his departure leaves behind, and in fact, the thinking seems to be the sloppier and more soiled, the better.


This is Barack’s mark, one which Donald Trump is left to waste all good governance mending before he can begin attending to Presidential business.


Barack, the Renter-In-Chief, is leaving piles of refuse behind.