Honoring the end of the Merkel Slumber.


It appears Germany is finally awakening from its Merkel slumber.


The headline reads, uncharacteristically, German ministers turn on Angela Merkel amid call for martial law after Berlin.


The day when Angela Merkel’s self-destructive brand of national sabotage of German society becomes passè, or better yet, is scorned and ridiculed by German citizens, is the day perhaps we can finally find refuge in reason again. The utter humiliation and self-degradation to be found in a civilized culture that actively seeks to pollute its essence for no other reason than vague and unfathomable social niceties appears to be the symptom strictly of a mania induced by leftism.


Photographs of Merkel sitting in the crowd at an event for migrants to Germany while scores of people were killed and injured at the Christmas Market abound.





And why must migrants be “honored?”


If anyone should be honored, it is the migrants for being allowed to enter a civilized nation that so gladly welcomes their unruly and burdensome presence.


Perhaps Merkel should honor herself for her willingness to subjugate national dignity to affectations of imbecility.