Clifford Miller of Oklahoma was found decapitated and “degenitalized” – the illusion of mystery that gives me the creeps.


Why does crap like this give me the heebie-jeebies every single time?


Clifford Miller, 42, recently left his state of residence (Oklahoma) for New Mexico supposedly to seek work. Apparently he found more than he bargained for.



…shortly after midnight Saturday, a security guard found his mutilated and decapitated naked body behind a Northeast Albuquerque Walmart, a spokesman for the Albuquerque Police Department announced in a Monday afternoon news conference. His genitals had been cut off.



Officer Fred Duran said homicide detectives believe Miller, 42, was not killed at the Walmart, located on Wyoming near Menaul NE, but they would not say where they think he was killed. There is no suspect information, Duran said.




Clifford Miller
Clifford Miller


When I read about a mysterious and macabre death like Miller’s, my mind lapses into that fictional story land populated by goblins and demons where real life is invaded by dark forces from beyond, even when the real background of the murder in question probably can be explained by the most mundane of reasons.


For one thing, sounds like Miller had a terrible run of bad luck.



Miller’s family could not be reached Tuesday. Court records show he and his ex-wife have three children together. The couple divorced in 2004.

He had an 11-year-old son who died in February 2013, according to an obituary. Local funeral home director Mike Overton said the death was not suspicious.



And he seems to have had a knack for involving himself in unsavory activities populated by many unsavory and sadistic madmen.


Court records show Miller has been charged with multiple misdemeanors. In the 1990s, he was charged in two felony cases for unlawfully possessing marijuana and unlawfully cultivating marijuana.


And wasn’t New Mexico where another fellow discovered the joys of dabbling in the dark underworld of the “drug economy?”