Chris Suprun, the Elector Defector, has been named Chairman of the Intolerables (by Socially Extinct, himself).

Chris Suprun, the Texas Elector Defector, has been named Chairman of the Intolerables.  By me.


This guy, the most high profile specimen of “faithless electors,” has devolved into such a hot mess of despicable cowardice and opportunism, one can only hope the depths of his slimy character can only serve to deter other like-minded electors simply by the halo effect he would provide others who choose to join his ranks.


Chris Suprun is a scumbag extraordinaire, even by Clintonian standards!






Anti-Trump faithless elector Stephen “Chris” Suprun was expelled from a Texas police academy about six years ago for plagiarism, according to an anonymous source who attended classes with him.

The source told GotNews that they had the “unfortunate experience” of attending the Tarrant County College Police Academy with Suprun, in Fort Worth, Texas from 2009-2010. Suprun “did not graduate” due to being “expelled from the academy for plagiarism.”



Plagiarism seems to be the least of Suprun’s transgressions.


What is it about Trump-haters and Democrats?  They paint Trump as an immoral fiend but many of them are far worse than the bogeyman portrait they affix Trump’s image to.


Reflection much?