“Deplorable-induced grand mal” is charged by a willfully ignorant “Intolerable.”


The 2016 American DemoLeft has proven it’s rather adept at rewiring the cultural lexicon on a level almost as masterful as Donald Trump.


For all the word’s ostensible drawbacks, Hillary’s introduction of “deplorables” has introduced a label that continues to perpetuate an image and perception of a class of ideology that serves to signal others in the know from which polarized shade of belief one issues.  The strength of the word is that it can be garnered ironically and sarcastically to denote one’s membership in the deplorables class, or it can be used as a petulant and snarky accusation to denote one’s non-membership in said group.


In fact, the latter utilization of the word was used by Vanity Fair contributing editor, Kurt Eichenwald, in describing the anonymous Twitter goblin who sent him a Tweeted strobe effect on Thursday which induced a seizure (he is epileptic).




Other related Tweets are included in this report from The Verge.


In addition, Eichenwald will predictably be pursuing criminal charges. Eichenwald, and other epileptics, have long been a target of previous cyber Grand Mal attacks, so it follows that, in the spirit of knowing better, he would practice some degree of caution before opening anonymous messages.



Now, he’ll be coordinating with police and Twitter to unmask the tweeter. Eichenwald also says he’s taking a much-needed break from the social network.

As far as attacks on people with epilepsy, this form factor is nothing new. Even Eichenwald has claimed to have been attacked twice so far this year. He wrote in Newsweek in October that a Trump supporter attempted to induce a seizure with a epileptogenic cartoon. That time, he was able to drop his iPad before seizing.


Anonymous commenters also targeted epilepsy forums in 2008. They posted flashing animations to trigger seizures for forum visitors. At the time, Wired noted it might have been the first time a “computer attack inflicted physical harm on victims.” Now, as Eichenwald mentions in his tweets, the question becomes, does a tweet qualify as assault?




But I sense that Eichenwald gladly executes suspect messages in the spirit of taking one for the team. The despicable martyrdom of the left is frightening for the degree of self-debasement it is capable of in order to send a “message” and, in this case, elevate Donald Trump’s bad-guy status even further.


If Trump supporters are “deplorable,” I do not see why those opposing Trump should be henceforth be known as the “intolerables.”  Eichenwald fits the bill.


Kurt Eichenwald
Kurt Eichenwald