Hillary blames the Russians for her surprising, demoralizing loss; I blame California.


So now Hillary has resorted to shameless whining and utter lack of accountability. It’s the Russians that made her lose.


How could she possibly have lost the Presidential election?  She was such a Presidential prize.  How could Americans have not seen this???


It had to be the Russians! That’s the only explanation.



Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has told her top supporters that Russian President Vladimir Putin directed interference in the U.S. election out of a ‘personal beef’ against her, in a ploy she said undermined U.S. democracy.


Clinton, who spoke at a party she threw for top donors in New York, stated as the motive her own criticism of ‘flawed’ Russian parliamentary elections that paved the way for Putin’s return to power in 2011.


‘Putin publicly blamed me for the outpouring of outrage by his own people, and that is the direct line between what he said back then and what he did in this election,’ she said.


The New York Times obtained audio of Clinton’s remarks at an event that was meant to financial backers for her $1 billion ultimately unsuccessful campaign.


She said Russia hit back at her with an effort to ‘undermine our democracy.’



I don’t know if I’m more astounded by her brazen sense of self-importance, or by her utter lack of awareness of the innate “vibe” that has taken hold of America, not Russia.


In fact, she, and the sad Dems, should not blame Russia for her demoralizing and surprising loss. I blame that big piece of shoehorn shit of a state, California.





I blame California because it gave Hillary the mistaken notion that she was “popular” to the plurality of Americans which is completely innaccurate.


California is assuredly not America, thankfully. Maybe it is a Democratic real estate holding with all its vacuous, self-important values, but it is not the United States Hillary pretends to represent in her fantasy world.


Hillary’s “popularity” is a mirage and nothing more.