Chuck Schumer seems to think Benghazi was not a serious matter.


I’m astounded to what lengths the Democrats are willing to go in order to spin their own self-defined narratives when its suits the political exigencies of the moment. And most astounded that they actually seem to believe their own spew.


Senator Chuck Schumer, in hysterically justifying the gravity of allegations that Russians hacked the American election, couldn’t resist introducing the artifact of Benghazi while simultaneously diminishing the ramifications of that incident which was laden with American political negligence.



Appearing on “CBS This Morning” with Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, the next minority leader, Mr. McCain said the wide-ranging investigation of Russian meddling in the election would include his committee as well as the Foreign Relations and Intelligence committees.


He said a Senate investigation would be necessary despite President Obama having already ordered up an inquiry, as that one would not be completed before the end of the Obama administration. The implication was that the new Trump administration would not follow through.


“We don’t want to point a finger, and I don’t want this to turn into the Benghazi investigation,” Mr. Schumer added, referring to the House investigation into the attacks on an American compound in Libya, which he said had been partisan. “This is serious stuff.”





The Democrats, having launched the “fake news” narrative,  will now escalate the jargon to include their self-appointed label of “important” news. If the government can tells us what is real and not, shouldn’t they be able to tell us what is relevant as opposed to trivial?