I once wondered aloud about an American coup here…and now I fear it.


More than a year ago, a few months into Donald Trump’s presidential run, signs of impending political-apocalyptic disarray were already making themselves quite obvious. I don’t believe it took unusual soothsayer skills to note that the United States was on the brink of an oblique sort of disembodied revolution. Over the span of 2 Autumn months, I wrote several posts pertaining to the inauspicious confluence of Donald Trump and implosion of American Establishment politics which had become intransigently frozen in a rotted civil stasis over several decades of American history.


The emergence of a phenomenon, a historical quirk, like Trump, surely threatened the status quo and the purveyors of the elitist status quo to such a degree that the only option left for those who would stand to lose such astronomical levels of institutional power would be the forceful self-protective overreaction of disorder and civil chaos.


Starting on September 5, 2015, this “coup series” continued with 4 additional posts, finally concluding in November.


September 6, 2015

September 10, 2015

September 12, 2015

November 14, 2016



What sorcery is at play here?


The seeds of fake news are planted. The Russians are vilified and our President-elect is portrayed as a complicit agent of the enemy of the American people. Treason is introduced into the political jargon and electors are lobbied to resist, and now, with allegations of Russian intervention looming and planted, any December 19 rebuff of a Donald Trump Presidential assumption of office becomes less a fringe possibility and more a tolerable possibility.


Robert Reich, Democratic genitalia mouthpiece harked back to the Left’s trendy historical rapping figure of the day to parlay the ostensible plan for civil upheaval into a bold path to upsetting Trump’s election dreams.



Do these people not realize they are playing with fire?