Cue the predictable chorus: today, the lefties hate the Electoral College.


And already, the gratuitous left is wailing about the Electoral College.


Today is the presidential election, the venerable ritual in which the residents of Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and a few other states get the privilege of choosing the president of the United States of America.


Or, to be more precise, it’s the venerable ritual in which all the states choose their representatives in the Electoral College. It’s those people who will technically pick the president, weeks after the election.


Yes, rather than doing the seemingly obvious thing of holding a national presidential vote, the US uses the ancient, magical Electoral College. It’s a patchwork Frankenstein’s monster of a system, which in the best of times merely ensures millions of Americans’ votes are irrelevant to the outcome because they don’t live in competitive states, and in the worst of times could be vulnerable to a major crisis.



Nope…I would argue that the Electoral College functioned perfectly well and did its job splendidly.


Sure, it is a bit clunky and unwieldy; but it serves its purpose.


The Electoral College is a genius manipulation of collective human behavioral psychology and subsumes the tyranny of the majority to fairness and common sense.


In this case, it subsumed the tyranny of the coastal elites (and wannabes) who cluster on the Pacific and Atlantic corridors of condescending, privileged American native isolationism.


And it gave voice to those Americans who are drowned out by the obsequious ramblings and consternations of the liberal intelligentsia.