Why it matters.








Frankly, I don’t believe James Comey’s letter to Congress informing them of his intent to re-open the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified emails will do much to deter her devout backers. In fact, as I wrote here the other day, “She would need to be videotaped killing and butchering her dog for dinner before any of her actions might detrimentally affect her ‘popularity.’”


The magnitude of today’s Comey email revelation is tremendous, not for how it will affect Hillary’s core following, but for how it will affect those disaffected Republicans who were ready to throw the baby out with the bathwater because they didn’t like Donald Trump.  Those borderline GOPers who might have sat the election out despite their revulsion at a Hillary Presidency. Now the focus of this beastly antagonism, Hilldebeast herself, has flared up again in the public spotlight and now it is getting more difficult to ignore her malevolent presence on the aspiring White House stage. Even if 11 days go by without so much as another development in Hillary’s email misadventures, I believe enough of those fence-sitting Republicans might have been jolted roused to a sufficient degree that they may now decide November 8 is not to be squandered, and in fact, represents a crucial election in that it is the most important opportunity to prevent a crooked, dangerous, Establishment career Democratic politician from stepping into the most important political office from whence she could shape and mold future political generations and dynasties.


It’s OK to vote-against someone instead of vote-for someone if the sinister, disruptive nature of the one voted against warrants it.


And I think it’s warranted.