“Michelle!” strokes Hillary’s bloated ego; Shonda Rhimes couldn’t have written a better script.


This is a most irritating and tiresome dog and pony show to behold.


And hold on…it will only get worse as the First Wives Duo continue their Idiocy Tour in the coming weeks before the November 8 election.


I won’t say which is which, but the dog sat by relishing the crocodile’s praise today at a North Carolina rally.






I find most appalling the notion, the probability, that Hillary may believe a slight percentage of the sista crap that Michelle spouts in her honor. Watching this footage reminds me of a really bad episode of Scandal (a bit of a redundancy when alluding to any of Shonda Rhimes less than intellectually challenging playbook).


Michelle is so unquestionably authoritative in that caricature pantomime she displayed during this rally in North Carolina today.


Michelle Obama has assumed the lefty, media-enhanced air of wry, expended housewife batting her husband’s ineffectual bumbling about like a cat swats a mouse. Michelle is poised to be the Patron Saint of the 2016 Presidential Election, a fact made egregious considering she is not a candidate, or even a candidate’s spouse.


Alas, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I suspect the Democrats have latched on to this ridiculous fetish-narrative, that repetitive scourge of a White House recursive retreat toward that ceaseless cycle of White House occupants who have both shared the POTUS moniker during mutual wedded entanglements.


Bill > Hillary as Barack is > ____?


Michelle’s words are particularly odious and though many will find this ingratiating spiel both rewarding and a self-fulfilling indication of Hillary Clinton’s fabulous character, many of us cannot get past the truly reprehensible, vapid witticisms of this television drama star who shares the name of her series:  “Michelle!”


Airing in another 4, 8, maybe 12, years.  Be ready for an incessant stream of stupidity across the land formerly known as the greatest country in the world.