Auto-pay is an evil tool.


Life’s circumstances have been such that I’ve had to merge daily finances with another party in the past few weeks, ie, sharing living expenses, et cetera.


I have a particularly precise and individually compulsive manner of handling my finances. I keep a detailed spreadsheet of all deposits and credits (detailed=intricate). I maintain several overlapping and linked sheets which essentially illustrate my daily financial life and I update them almost daily, or if not, at least every other day. I keep a stranglehold on my checking, savings and credit card activity. One of my sheets is a calendar of bills due, paydays, and any other daily markers of which I have scheduled forewarning. I am diligent about keeping on top of my upcoming events and nothing, nothing, ever escapes my memory. I solely control when I pay my bills. I pay them manually, well in advance of their due date. I wake up early and many times, the first thing I do each day, after breakfast, is to update my financial transactions.


This is how I choose to structure my financial life. I’m an anal retentive control freak who tracks his spending with the compulsive, neurotic attention of a despicable bookkeeper.


So the person I’ve merged my expenses with is not quite so obsessive as I, and in fact, uses “auto-pay” features to pay all her bills. In other words, she merely confirms money is in the necessary accounts and the banking and financial networks do the rest of the work. Mortgage, HOA, utilities, all…done automatically. She doesn’t want to deal with such incessant detail and thus relinquishes control; I cannot bring myself to allow such a thing. I suspect she is the rule, not the exception. Auto pay is probably the norm. Auto pay “simplifies” life but like all other modern innovations which boast of such a “benefit,” it also involves surrendering control and conscious deliberation. I cannot surrender such things. “Perks” like auto pay separate you from daily life, from tasks, and disengage one from the mindfulness of drudgery and meticulous autonomy.


It behoofs the elites and business leaders to encourage the use of auto-pay.


Any mass scale practice and/or habit among the collective consumer which increases the chances for default (auto pay exploits human fallibility in that most people will innocently forget to keep sufficient funds in their account for every bill once in a while) while also removing them from the noxious, conscious activity of paying, can only be good for commerce as it insulates the consumer from the buyer/seller chain and thus, frees him up to assiduously immerse himself in the tide of blind consumerism that the elites love.


I pay my bills when I want to;  this is one way I buck the matrix.