Shameless collusion between the media and Clinton’s campaign caught on camera?


I don’t know which is worse.


That the American media colludes with the Hillary Clinton campaign with the intent of pumping up the PR quality and legitimacy of her Presidential-aspiring persona (with the consequent motive of defeating Donald Trump), or that the American media no longer cares to hide its shameless alliance with the Democratic party.


From The Gateway Pundit.


In this post-debate video from “Hill Force One,” Clinton campaign’s traveling press secretary, Nick Merrill, openly communicates to Andrea Mitchell (on camera, in red) with his phone, just moments before she asks Clinton about Trump’s “nasty woman” debate comment.


During another less than surreptitious electronic exchange, he appears to catch the attention of an off-screen reporter to alert them to a text by tapping on his phone.





Perhaps he’s asking for dates or jiving about the baseball playoffs, something innocuous…but when it comes to Hillary Clinton, can we confidently assume anything is innocuous?