Re-writing of American history is the last resort of the lazy.


There is one thing about modern SJW/BLM types, and others of their ilk, which disturbs and angers me most.


It is their expressed desire and shameless desire to re-write history.


If, as a group, you wish to air grievances, protest your state of current societal evolution, clamor against perceived wrongs perpetuated on your [insert name of ambiguous social or group’s phenotype], fine. I have no problem with that. Especially in America where our national history is predicated on the principle of free expression without the fear of imprisonment or execution, it’s important that people are able to voice opinions and views antithetical to the predominant paradigm of governance and rule.


BLM and SJW’s do not bother me for their opinions;  they bother me for their desire to rewrite history.  This is a dangerous path of intellectual totalitarianism and tyranny. The past must always remain visible, remain a viable chapter in our collective national psyche which we can evolve away from (or towards). Without a history visible we are a wayward society, lacking direction, rudderless. But the SJW/BLM matrix does not care about the big picture.  They are impulsive, short-sighted movements who only seek immature cosmetic fixes to deeper flaws; rewriting of history is the most cosmetic and counterproductive of all solutions. Rewriting history is the lazy man’s way out of the maze of drudgery and sacrifice required to truly improve one’s state.


And on this note, BLM appears to be threating to tear down a statue of Andrew Jackson in New Orleans today as part of the “Take ‘Em Down Nola” movement which seeks to rid the New Orleans landscape of all Confederate symbolism. Michael Harrison, superintendent of the NOPD, has warned protesters that they will be arrested for destruction of public property if they attempt to bring down and destroy Jackon’s statue.


Worse and more foreboding, David Duke is mobilizing White Rights followers to join him at Jackson Square in New Orleans (where the threatened statue rests) to fend off BLM protesters.




What will become of this planned confrontation?


Or too much?


We can only wait and see.