Possible NY arrests related to Chelsea bombing.


I have to admit that initially, I shrugged off yesterday’s NYC explosion in Chelsea as the insignificant work of a lone, disaffected quasi-psychotic case who adopted flavor-of-the-month grievances as a personal vehicle of insanity.  Insane people tend to assume popular causes as a proxy for their ranting without having the slightest conscious awareness of what the cause represents.


But the more we learn about the explosion, and the subsequent discovery of additional “IEDs” in New York, the more sinister and ulterior the motives behind the explosions.


And now, possible arrests.




A large police presence was reported at the Belt Parkway underneath the Verrazano bridge in NYC late Sunday. Several tweets have mentioned that suspects from the September 17 bombing in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City may have been taken into custody, but this hasn’t been confirmed.