“Celebrating their own way” because recognition of such vindicates barbaric behavior…


This Youtube video begins with a news clip from a Minnesota television station covering the anarchistic invasion of the Mall of America in Bloomington by swarms of Muslims “celebrating” the annual Eid Al Adha in their own way.









The news program, displaying that horrible simpering apologist submissiveness that appears to have usurped all good sense in that state, went so far as to willfully ignore the obvious mayhem that took place in the mall (as clearly demonstrated in the video segment) by emblazoning the screen with text that was in clear denial of the rabid Islamic destruction visited upon the mall. It’s as if the obvious derangement of the revelers celebrating the annual “Festival of the Sacrifice” was completely disregarded by Fox 9, and in fact, carefully nurtured from behind the self-destructive obligation to not only refrain from casting cultural judgment, but behind the culturally suicidal placation and perpetuation of all the is the antithesis to Western restraint and decorum.





Celebrating in their own way.