The MSM’s blunt assumptions.


They all suck, but MSNBC is easily and egregiously the most blatantly pro-Clinton of all the MSM news outlets.


MSNBC never turns down the opportunity to spin every news story in a favorable direction toward the Doddering Witch of the South regardless of what measures the truth must be stretched in order to stroke the network’s political motivations.


Case in point.


Just posted on their website, this article begrudgingly talks of Trump’s rise in the polls but not without throwing in some Lefty digs disguised as unassailable facts.



The blunt assumption has dominated much of the political world’s thinking for months: “There’s simply no way Americans will elect an unqualified, racist television personality to be president of the United States. That’s just not just who we are as a people.”




So begins the piece.


The blunt assumption is staring us in the face with that contrived quote that simply does not reflect the way all Americans think, or established fact in any way.


It’s as if MSNBC is thinking, “We’ll state Donald Trump is a racist as if it’s a known product” and continue, hopefully unnoticed.


Excuse me? What was this about “blunt assumptions?” Seems the MSM press revels in those.