The unsettling magnification of Hillary.


In today’s high def world, the microscope is on.


Any time she comes out to play, the cameras swoon and zoom. Hillary Clinton’s private physical map is ours for the taking!


Never before have so many magnified images of a Presidential candidate played such a vital (or at least pertinent) role in an election. Since Hillary will not tell, we (those who can be troubled) need verification of what we don’t know by dissecting all stills and video footage of her dissembling physiology. At her age, we certainly expect some gerontological breakdowns; I don’t think anyone would presume otherwise. However, as voters, we expect openness and transparency from someone striving to become our American leader.


In the process, we discover other hidden lore when the magnifying glass blazes across her images, some not necessarily age-related.


Hearing aid or stealth remote communications device? From Wednesday’s Presidential Forum.







According to this blog piece, a communications device. And a curious allusion to an old 2009 Wikileaks email and what it possibly portends.




Wikileaks may have unwittingly foreshadowed this Bombshell story years ago. Tucked away in its Clinton’s email archive is an otherwise obscure 2009 email from aide Huma Abedin asking Clinton if she remembered to her earpiece. This beckons the question: Did Hillary use her secret earpiece to be coached and guided through her testimony at Congressional hearings on Benghazi, her missing emails and beyond?