Remember Hillary’s coughing exhibition on Monday? New footage reveals that she coughed up that last wretched remnants of her soul.


Do you have the stomach for this?


In an egregious display of autism. someone parsed footage of Hillary’s Cleveland coughing fits yesterday and discovered, gruesomely, that a dreaded organic “ejectile” product was catapulted from the Presidential candidate’s mouth, into the deep seas of her water glass, and it was captured on video.  Much to our dismay, disgust, revulsion and gaggery.


And it appears she lapped the refuse back up.  Reminds me of how dogs seem quite pleased to eat up their vomit on certain occasions.


Watch here.





I think it was the last of her soul which could not contain itself any longer.  Ala Regan from The Exorcist, the green curdled afterbirth of Hillary’s humanity could not deny the light of day any longer.


green blob