Proof that Hillary Clinton is not a dishonest politician; just that she’s a vampire.


This is not sinister in the respect that Hillary Clinton’s handlers are staging her speeches. Sure that might be a little sinister, but really.


This video points out that some of the visible cell phones intended to make it seem like audience members are taking her videos following a speech inadvertently caught the true essence of the stage…one which did not include Hillary.


The allegation is green screen; that a video effect device was utilized to give the appearance she was present at her speech when in fact, the cell phones’ images show she plainly wasn’t.  The question, the conspiracy, becomes, “Where was she, and why the extravagant lengths to portray her contrived appearance at a simple speech?”


Sinister political deviousness, right?




The truth is even more eerie.


Hillary is a vampire.


Now that is frightening.