The lonely business of being a “Trumpino.”


Well someone’s gotta do it.


Behind the Mexican-American wall of political apathy, reflexive Democratic devotion and reactive Trump fear-mongering, actively supporting Donald Trump from this side of the ethnic aisle places you in a very lonely, alienated place.


But it’s sorta cool.




Chanting “Viva Trump”, several dozen Latino supporters of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump held a peaceful rally Sunday in front of Anaheim City Hall.

“He’s the man,” Marco Gutierrez, a co-founder of Latinos for Trump, said of the candidate. “He speaks the language of the heart. He can reach people who have been disenfranchised.”

Although north Orange County has a large Latino population, only about 50 to 60 Latinos and Caucasians turned out for the 2 p.m. rally. There were no counter-demonstrations and no disturbances, according to police.

Ofelia Ramirez, another Trump supporter who attended Sunday’s rally, said she believes Trump can make government work again.

“I’m a Latina and I’m for Trump,” she said. “I believe he can effect change in Washington. We need to send a message to government, to D.C., to senators and representatives of the Republican Party that they cannot continue to get the Hispanic vote and the vote of the American people under false pretenses.”





Now there’s a  poignancy in being of Mexican decent and going that extra step in self-education and relinquishment to the importance of the “big issues” threatening America and resolutely and bravely choosing not to prioritize personal ethnic agendas over the well-being of our nation; as a Mexican-American who supports Donald Trump’s vision for America, I consider it a mark of pride that I do not blindly march to the narrow-minded, hysterical drumbeat that affects and colors the political involvement of the majority of Hispanics in the 2016 Presidential race.


Self-infatuation and -fixation with your own contrived ethnic agenda at the expense of your country of citizenship is the worst affront to one’s own personal sense of integrity. It’s as if there is an implied ethnic obligation to rashly cast Donald Trump as the arch enemy of Mexican people, when in fact, all he has done is speak some global truths about that which needs to be implemented at this juncture in America’s evolution in the year 2016. We live in a global era that sees challenges and obstacles that this nation, all civilized nations, have never had to confront before.


We live in a global environment and it’s crucial that we place America first. Without America, what do we have?


This voraciously destructive train wreck of an American dynasty?