Here we go, Hillary in California, kicking her “celebritization” up a notch.


As the old saying goes, a Californian and his money are soon parted!



Hillary Clinton raised over $19 million during a three-day, nine fundraiser swing through California this week, putting the former secretary of state on pace to make August the largest fundraising month of her 2016 campaign.
Clinton headlined a series of star-studded events in Southern and Northern California this week, hobnobbing with celebrities, Hall of Fame athletes and tech billionaires, all while filling her campaign’s coffers with needed cash for the final months of her race against Donald Trump.




The “celebritization” of Hillary is kicking into high gear and CNN seems besides itself. Sounds like these people want an amusement, a glib distraction, not a stateswoman. I find the whole thing repugnant.





Serious business
Serious business…Hillary does well with distorted expressionism….



And I cannot get past this fixation with raising money as a symbol of anything remotely indicative of abilities to govern. It just means your target audience has too much disposable income, which is certainly not a trait I’m looking for in a politician.