The British press keeps hammering away at the condensing California nightmare.


Wow, on the heels of my post earlier about unaffordable house prices in Santa Cruz, California, Britain’s Daily Mail published this, along with some revealing maps and charts.


Graphic substantiation of what I know, what we all know.


California’s Third World dynamic is unabated and ravaging. We need to split this state up into two parcels, because the governance by a single bureaucratic entity will favor the coastal elites who make enough to barely afford a house in San Francisco, while completely and maliciously disregarding the interests of the inland areas who need to make barely half that to buy a home.


us home map




Bad, right?



Look at this.



us income needed



Is this the America we know?


I doubt it. I live in the “Los Angeles zone” and while my combined household income exceeds the “minimum,” it is not happily or graciously and living in such a precarious balance of day-to-day sustenance is not comforting to the soul.28


In other words, most people living the excruciating California dream constantly find themselves stressed and convulsing to the mantra of who needs this fucking hell?