Joe Biden doesn’t hate White Americans; he just loves $$ and power more.


I don’t get this kind of thinking.


I’m Mexican, for chrissakes, and hearing shit like this makes even me angry. Why would you want to exterminate your own people? (Many ignorant ethnic cohorts might say that of me for my support of Donald Trump, but oh well).


Courtesy of Joseph Biden, self-hating White.






What stood out were his statements: “This is not a bad thing; this is a source of our strength.” (In reference to absolute unfettered and unregulated immigration into the United States).


Excuse me?


How can a relentless stream of immigrants into the United States, in the year 2016, in the global context where the citizens of the world are direct challenges upon the integrity of the American work force, not be a bad thing, ever? Or better yet, how can such immigration be a source of strength for the American people?


The clarifier Biden spit out might apply to the immigrants themselves, to be sure.  Yes, they experience a good thing by being allowed free passage to the United States, and they are definitely getting stronger by moving here from whatever shithole it was they fled. But Joseph Biden, and all politicians from D.C., should be speaking for the American people, not for the global infringement upon American sovereignty.


Nope, you know what it is, why the D.C. power-brokers are so keen to dilute the vibrancy of the White American pool?


Because they do not care about race. They only care about their pocketbooks and bank statements!


These elitist pieces of shit are ruthless and heartless and owe allegiance to no one other than the dollar.


They gladly allow and encourage their homeland to be overrun by subclasses in order so they may cement their piece of the pie, and in fact, perpetuate their pie recipe by ratcheting down (way down) the quality of the American populace because it is good for political business.


And this is why I am supporting Donald Trump.