Hillary’s disinformation war on the alt-right begins…tomorrow.


A rather unpleasantly persistent glimpse into the “alt-right” by some lefty MSMsters across the pond. The Guardian does Hillary’s limey bidding from the GMT and they prove just as noxious as some of our domestic Liberal propaganda tools.


The quasi-expose by Jason Wilson, annoyingly entitled A sense that white identity is under attack’: making sense of the alt-right, tackles the enigmatic alt-right movement in the United States which the writer assumes has been culturally hastened and legitimized by Donald Trump’s choice of Stephen Bannon, Breitbart Media executive, as his campaign CEO.


Several suppositions are snidely parroted in this article, a coalescence of misinformation and typical bitchy overreaction on the part of the SJW left.


Wilson begins weakly by informing us,





The alt- (or alternative) right has surged as a (so far) mainly online movement, occupying positions beyond the pale of many conservatives. It has no centralised organisation or official ideology – it has been described as “scattered and ideologically diffuse”.





In other words, the left is getting its panties tied up in knots over a “diffuse” group of ideologues no one can really pin down. That says a lot about your belief structure if such an ethereal cultural methodology bothers you enough to spend so many column inches tearing down.




The alt-right has been involved in fleeting street protests, but its online activities are well-organised and relentless. It recruits by opposing progressive ideas about gender, sexuality, and especially race and immigration.






This is a very important point, for I believe it is generally accurate, but also, it is a quality that welcomes like-minded people from all disparate corners of culture, even beyond that which popular, ignorant society insists on self-limiting the alt-right to kowtowing. The alt-right is the vibrant opposition to groupthink, that devious strain of conformist opinion which is the first step toward dictatorship and totalitarianism, in any context.







Richard Spencer, who coined the term “alt-right” in 2008, says he intended the term to describe a diverse, heterodox group whose members were “deeply alienated, intellectually, even emotionally and spiritually, from American conservatism”.
They were disillusioned at the end of the Bush presidency by Republican policies on war and immigration. They sought to draw on currents like the European New Right to transform what they saw as a moribund conservative movement. He and others connected with the succession of websites he edited – such as Taki magazine and alternativeright.com – wrote extensively, focusing the alt-right into a more definite ideology, with increasingly hardline ideas about race.
The alt-right has been involved in fleeting street protests, but its online activities are well-organised and relentless
Spencer says that the term is still flexible, but affiliation has some minimum requirements. “Someone who is really alt-right recognises the reality of race, and the fact that race matters, and that race is an essential component of identity.”





I don’t understand what is unreasonable about this.


Race does matter. Recognizing this makes you public enemy number one in today’s urban cuckfest, especially if you hail from certain hyper-liberal urban segments of society (such as yours truly who works in the Hollywood “Industry” where it is supremely cool to be Liberal and repugnantly alienating to back Trump). Invoking the race-matters clause is not racist, it is not the specific provenance of any race, it’s just a common sense appraisal of reality that anyone, of any color, can share.


Perhaps the most potent element of alt-right activism is the effort to build a sense of a specific white identity, and to claim that this identity is under attack.
“Anti-white animus in society at large is palpable,” says Spencer. Demands for diversity in the workplace mean “less white males in particular”. More openly extreme alt-right accounts on Twitter talk about immigration in terms of “white genocide”.
This sense of injured white identity is what defines the alt-right, according to Dan Cassino, a Fairleigh Dickinson University political scientist and the author of a new book on Fox News and American politics. “The founding myth of the alt-right is that the disadvantaged groups in American politics are actually running things through a combination of fraud and intimidation. By doing this, they’re actually oppressing white men.”





And this is the crux of the dialogue, the hammer that keeps getting dropped by the Clintonites and the Clintonite MSM.


The alt-right, they allege,  is about “White power.”


I’m not White (in the classic sense) yet I cannot argue with the rights of White people to demand fair treatment. It’s logical, and it’s fair, but today’s social marauders, those who seek to redistribute cultural wealth back to those who have never demonstrated they deserve an iota of generational charity for any stupid reason other than their dark skin, do not seem to strive for fairness or logic in their daily dealings. The alt-right is an equality movement; it deserves the support and the ear that all other minority rights movements have demanded, and received, thanks to White American altruism. The equality movements have succeeded so well that Whites themselves have now been displaced by their own generosity.  Is it so unreasonable to grant them the ability to garner some of dividends of their goodwill? The alt-right merely seeks to right the tilting ship. It is a rights movement for those who have been displaced by the weak and sublimated.


Ultimately, the alt-right is about equality for all but we live in a intellectually corrupt world where objective equality across society is viewed as evil and racist. So the alt-right is vilified and tomorrow, Hillary Clinton, 2016 class shrew, will deliver a speech in which she predictably belittles the alt-right, demonizes it, and infers that Donald Trump is enabling the movement.


Be prepared for a weekend of anti-alt-right debauchery and gloatery on the part of the Left Media Wing and its pets. They will be mocking a movement for reasons that are contrived, falsely publicized, and which the ignorant sheep will waddle after.


This is a time for the alt-right to shine and fight back.