Dark Charm. A philosophy in progress. Part 1 of ?

Dark charm.
What the hell is that?
I don’t know, but I have an idea. Or two.
Dark charm. The concept took root in my mind earlier tonight.

Rather than lose the thought, rather than write it down half-heartedly in a notebook which would most likely disappear into the papery graveyard that is my computer desk, I’ve decided instead to gather my mental semen and unload it on you right now.

This is the torment I choose for you this evening.

You lucky people. Lucky.
You can watch and take this in…watch the machinations of my mind, get a rare glimpse of the gears turning in my thick skull.

Dark Charm. Back to the lesson at hand. Enough of this random stream of consciousness BS (that is why I have a Moments in Time category).

Forget the Dark for now…let’s concentrate on Charm.
A quality.

Charm…a baffling and elusive set of personality characteristics which all come together in a melange of ingredients which dictate whether a person will garner adulation or elicit disgust. It can be the difference between getting laid and waking up drunkenly and groggily at 3:15 in the morning in the passenger seat of your car which sits in the middle of an emptied parking lot next to a deserted nightclub. Uh yeah, honestly it was scene I was familiar with in my 20’s.

For a lack of charm.
Dark, light, shady, illuminated…I had no fucking charm of any shade. No charm that mattered. If I was charming it was only because I stumbled upon it, backed into it, revved it up those moments when it did me no good, like family events with doting old relatives or rambunctious kids. My charm had no steering wheel, no gas pedal and no brakes.

For what is charm really? I’ll say it’s the ability to make people like you by a process of sympathetic identification; to charm people is to make them believe that there is no one else in the world besides you and them. The degree of your charm is a function of how well you can suspend their disbelief at the possibility that there are others who you may charm as well. Your supreme charm appeals to the ego and the basic human need to be valued. But how do qualities come together in a person’s character which allow them to generate such charm? That is the mystery.

Those charms I talked about, the ones I stumbled upon? They were really nothing but illegitimate bumps in the road over which I had no control.

Lacking the means to channel my charm I found it eluded me when I needed it most.

Charm. It’s a tool of social survival. It is the common glue which the fittest of the species have cultivated and learned to direct with the ostensible aim of rising within the ranks of the group; thus increasing the likelihood of procreating. Survival of the fittest.

That is my evolutionary psychology spin on Charm.

And that’s where Dark Charm creeps in.

Ah…but some other time :)