Where all the juice lies, you’ll find Donald Trump.


Well damn, I do believe I stand corrected.


Back on July 3, I predicted Mike Pence would not be Trump’s VP pick, probably for the exact reason Trump ended up choosing him.


Essentially, based on the criteria I laid out in that ill-fated post, Trump is the wiser sage of staffing and possessive of more humility than I thought possible.


Mike Pence is turning out to be the snarling muscle that I think Donald Trump may need in his corner, even if Trump relinquishes the stage and Alpha maneuvering to his thicker-skinned running mate.


Fox reported today that Mike Pence has laid it all out there and is taking no prisoners (or Democratic BS) in comments he made about Hillary and her soiled back-room misadventures.


All about the “pay to play” Clinton Foundation rigmarole.






Republican vice-presidential nominee Gov. Mike Pence on Sunday suggested a federal investigation into whether Hillary Clinton, during her tenure as secretary of state, provided political favors to foreign donors to her family’s Clinton Foundation, saying “the American people have a right to know.”
The Indiana governor argued that emails made public last week suggested such a connection between State Department officials and major foreign donors to the foundation but acknowledged that Clinton’s involvement remains unclear.
“It looks that way more and more every day,” Pence said. “That’s what we need to find out. … This is exactly the kind of pay to play politics the American people are sick and tired of. It is just one more example of the way I do believe that the Clintons have been operating over the last 30 years.”





I think Trump and Pence are putting way too many eggs into this basket.  Pence’s “pay to play” allegations ring hollow and blunted. The allegations are harsh and sate that “need” we all have to witness corruption in full-fledged visible form, but one must realize: the federalistas have their shit covered.


Politicians and lawyers are no fools. They created a structure, a maze, of recursive bureaucracy which no one can understand or decipher.  A morass of bylaws which they can now hide beneath, and cower from, under the beacon of “plausible deniability,”  something politicians excel at, especially the Arkansas hag, Hillary Clinton.


So they, along with their internet foils, feed us just enough info to make us think we are arriving at marvelous conclusions and discoveries which ultimately are groundless because, in this recursive smoke and mirrors environment their lawyers have created, have no punitive relevance. In other words, when it comes to actual legal ramifications, there are none.  Remember….”asses covered.”


“Pay to play,” while damning on the surface, semantically, is legally innocuous, and as appears in the Wikileaks emails, only sets up a legal stages which is designed to cover Hillary Clinton’s ass. Pay to play is a legally validated phrase enacted by the SEC and all this email did was acknowledge that “rules” were being observed.  The emails sets up the trap, and if we raise it, the safety net (ie, excuse) is set in place.








A little summary:




On July 1, 2010, the Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC” or “Commission”) adopted Rule 206(4)-5 (the “Rule”) under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940 (the “Advisers Act”) to address “pay-to-play” practices under which direct or indirect payments by investment advisers to state and local government officials are perceived to improperly influence the award of government investment business. The Rule, approved unanimously by the SEC’s five commissioners, adopts unmodified certain provisions of the version of the Rule proposed on August 3, 2009 (the “Proposed Rule”)[1] while modifying others, notably rolling back the ban on using third parties to solicit government business, in response to over 250 comment letters.
In addressing commenters’ concerns relating to First Amendment rights, regulatory burdens and other issues, the SEC cited the rarely explicit nature of “pay-to-play” practices, the difficulty in proving such practices, and the inability of market-based approaches to address them as supporting the adoption of a broad-based and prophylactic rule. A summary of the Rule is set forth below.





In other words, Clintonian pay to play might not be the best attack route for Trump and team… It presents a publicly humiliating plausible deniability scenario.  The Clintons are masters of such legally sanctioned (and erected) legal escape.  It’s such a “throwaway” issue. Is Pence now the sacrificial lamb of the month?   He finally speaks, but it’s all easily refutable stuff.  Not only refutable, but a tad embarrassing when one raises the specter with utmost seriousness and self-righteousness.


“Let’s push you out on that limb as far is it will hold you, and then when it breaks, we’ll blame you!”


Is Donald hording the Soros emails for himself? Where all the juice lies…?


Most useful, in fact, was Pence’s laying the path for Donald Trump’s unfolding policy revelations.  So ultimately, my prediction was more accurate than I dared admit.




Pence on Sunday was again forced to try to make clear whether GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump was being sarcastic in claiming that Obama and Clinton — his former secretary of state and now the Democratic presidential nominee — co-founded the Islamic State terror group.



“He was being very serious,” Pence said. “And he was making a point that needs to be made, that there is no question that the failed policies of
President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in the wider Middle East, created a vacuum within Iraq in which ISIS was able to arise.”
Pence confirmed that Trump is scheduled to make a speech Monday in battleground state Ohio on the issue and vowed that Trump would “lay out his vision and his strategy for defeating radical Islamic terrorism.” 
“Get ready,” said Pence, adding that Trump will announce “real specifics” about how, if elected, he would change U.S. policy and provide the kind of “broad-shouldered leadership” that would make the country safer.
From my failed “this is who Trump will pick” post, I wrote of Pence:
The real contest is between Jeff Sessions and Mike Pence.
Mike Pence is a big guy with that middle-aged killer look that tells us no one can stand in his way. This might be more than the 70-year-old first-term Prez Trump can take. Jeff Sessions, skinnier, mousier, older, presents the ruthless idealist disguised as a librarian who lives for The Now that befits Trump’s initial foray into national politics.
Pence has been chosen to articulate Trump’s stuttering position.
Trump needs a strong sycophant who can weather the public backlash of his utterances…and this press appearance cements the fact.  The biased press is obviously in Leftist Attack mode (ie, from the story, Pence was “forced”).
As Pence notes and describes clearly, unlike his boss, Obamallary created a void that ISIS gladly filled.  It’s all about technicalities of language and the clarity to describe.
Underlings describe;  bosses ramble and generalize.  We are witnessing the embodiment of a boss/subordinate relationship here.

Mike Pence is proving to be the thick-skinned bruiser who does not threaten Donald Trump.  He is merely the stoic muscle Trump needs.