Hillary Clinton does “reverse-edgy.” Prepare yourselves for the campaign we feared was coming…


Hillary Clinton is bland. She is mainstream, she is Establishment, she is an entrenched political force in Washington D.C.


She is low electricity.


She can’t compete with the Donald. Donald is a fresh wet stone-sharpened blade; Hillary, by comparison, is a dull butter knife.


She is “embracing” the presence of the father of the Orlando shooter, Seddique Mateen, for one reason: it makes her “edgy” to the Left and the SJW herds, two pudgy groups which normally have all the edge of blunt butter knives.









I’ll call it “reverse-edginess” for lack of a better description. Hillary parades the mass shooter’s father at her campaign rally in Florida and fails to disclaim his presence.


Oh Hill, you’re so…edgy.


You’re so reverse-edgy!


The Clinton campaign’s reaction is tantamount to declaring open, unabated warfare on Donald Trump and his props.


His response?


Oblique semantics which the same reverse-edgy buffoons got their panties in bunch over today.


Today marks the beginning of a new stage of this campaign. I believe things are about to get very dirty, and both corners need to keep up which means it’s time to pull out a chair and gather your vegan popcorn, cause it’s gonna get good.