(R) and (D) are both soulless franchises.


Sometimes I ask myself, why, why, why, does Donald Trump persist in staying in the Republican party?  They vilify him, back stab him, denigrate his reputation, question everything about the man, their putative candidate.


They do a better job of skewering Trump than the Democrats.





Then it occurs to me…the Republicans are Democrats.


The Washington elite is an indistinguishable mass of elitist conformity, a self-perpetuating blob of dishonor and weak chins. Republicans and Democrats have no balls, no desire to represent the people of the United States. Of course they will all gang up on the man, the figurehead of change, the outsider who doesn’t humor their agenda and oligarchical motivations.


But Trump needs the Republican party, for it offers him the vehicle, the legitimizing construct, by which he is afforded entrance to the American political stage.


The Republican Party, like the Democratic Party, is a political franchise and anyone seeking to set up political business that will be worth anything (in terms of mouthpiece and attention) must lease that name, that brand, that “storefront,” in order to be heard by a lackadaisical American electorate.


Sad shit, really.


Ideally, Trump wins, tells the GOP a big “F You” and branches off into a new party, post-election.